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The Best Healthcare is On Demand

On Demand is known for our drug testing capabilities and workplace safety solutions; but did you know we offer healthcare for you and your family?

On Demand has a two-component healthcare center equipped with an Immediate and Primary Care. Our physicians can assess and treat patients with minor injuries and illness.

For Families

On Demand Occupational Medicine realized the need for individualized healthcare in the Mahoning Valley and thus established On Demand Immediate and Primary Care.

Patients can walk in to On Demand and receive same-day treatment for ailments such as upper respiratory infections or sprains. Our providers are also available to become your family’s primary care physician. We accept patients of all ages.

For Employees

On Demand works with hundreds of companies across Northeast Ohio to provide healthcare solutions like workers compensation services and pre-employment physicals. 

Our experts work with employers and their employees to ensure employees are physically able to perform required job duties. Medical providers also work to get your employees back to prime health if they were injured on-the job.

Getting you back to work and life safely is our top priority

Whether your ailment is from work or not, we value your time and health as we work to get you back on your feet in as little as time as possible.

Visit one of our providers by walking in to our office in Austintown, Ohio or simply call to schedule an appointment. We are equipped with experienced and compassionate medical experts who are ready to treat you today. Call 330-270-3660 for more info.