Workplace training can make or break a company when it comes to crucial aspects like substance use on the job. Drug and alcohol-free workplaces are best for everyone involved, and depending on your industry, sometimes required. These types of environments allow employees to feel safe, empowers them to be more responsible, and protects them from developing dangerous habits. Consistent training for staff alongside an active drug testing program is proven to solidify the importance of maintaining the drug-free workplace environment.

On Demand’s in-house training staff consists of diverse and experienced leaders with knowledge about industry regulations and requirements, extensive experience in the behavioral health industry, safety consultants, hiring professionals and more. We provide an array of training options in-person at our facility or yours, interactive online webinars and at large seminars.

Customized Industry-Specific Safety Training

We understand that training isn’t a “one-size fits all” solution to meeting each industry’s unique training, compliance and certification needs. Because of this, On Demand Training and Safety Solutions develops a complete training program for your industry, company or team needs. Safety training in many workplaces is required. If the thought of putting together your own safety training is too much, our expert team will create one for you.

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Workforce Development Training

It is just as important to focus on your team as it is on the product you create, or service you provide. Your employees’ matter, and their further learning and professional development should, too. As an employer, creating opportunities for your people to expand their personal and professional skills shows that you care about the people who are dedicated to your company’s mission. Learning to bridge the gaps and understand each other can have maximum benefits to company culture, employee retention and ultimately your business’s bottom line. On Demand will assist you every step of the way in the creation and development of your customized workplace policies.

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Policy Development

Is your company in search of a workplace drug testing program? Or do you need help developing one? A solid policy is your company’s protective stance on when it comes to drug-free workplaces. On Demand offers employer programs for drug and alcohol testing, drug-free workplace policy development and consulting services for small businesses to large corporations across the United States. Our employer drug testing programs are designed to comply with federal and state laws and to reduce an employer’s liability.

Protect both your employees and your business –without a policy, workers’ compensation claims, excessive absenteeism and decreased productivity can cause your business to fail no matter the size.

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