You are in the driver’s seat with On Demand’s DOT programs

On Demand is networked with hundreds of clinics across the country to provide drug and alcohol testing when and where you need it.


Stay compliant by working health and safety experts at On Demand. We’ll manage your Clearinghouse all year-round to ensure your company stays up-to-date and avoids any hefty fines or fees.


Employees should be alert and healthy while operating any type of transportation. Our medical team can assess injuries as well as provide preventative measures like physicals and wellness exams.


You know what they say…”Safety first!” On Demand knows how crucial it is to educate workforces on safety measures and implement necessary resources. Our team can provide trainings customized to your company’s needs.

An educated, incident-free workforce begins and ends with you— the employer. DOT, facts

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe, happy and healthy staff, which is why our
services and trainings were designed with your company’s success in mind. At initial time of hire, we’ll come onsite or schedule an appointment at our facility to pre-screen and drug test your employee as well as provide physical essential function tests all to ensure the employee is prepared for the job.

• DOT Physicals
• Onsite DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing
• Emergency On-Call Services
• DOT Consulting
• Clearinghouse Management

• DOT Testing
• Breath-Alcohol Testing
• DOT Random Testing
• Post-Accident Testing
• Return-to-Duty Testing
• Follow-Up Testing

• Education & Treatment
• Follow-Up and After-Care
• DOT Drug & Alcohol Assessments

• Company Consortium
• National Consortium