Drug Testing Solutions Built for You

On Demand has been providing workplace drug testing across the Mahoning Valley and beyond for over a decade. Since our beginning, companies have entrusted their workforces to us to maintain employee health and safety across the board. Our convenient drug testing location in Austintown, Ohio is right off of State Route 80, making On Demand an easy choice in maintaining your health and safety.

Workplace Drug Testing

On Demand’s drug testing programs assist employers in ensuring the safety, productivity and health of their employees and organization. Drug testing can also be an important part of ensuring your personal health.

Your employees matter. By investing in their health, you are able to save money on workers compensation costs. On Demand Occupational Medicine is able to offer:

  • Drug Screens for any industry
  • Hair Follicle Screens
  • Breath/Alcohol Tests
  • Random Drug Screen Prorgrams
  • Customizable Drug Screen Panels
    • Ask us about our drug screen panels without THC testing. 330-270-3660

Why Drug Testing?

Through the years, drug testing has remained an important part in the hiring and employment process. This is because it is a strong safety and preventative measure for companies in helping to ensure the safety of its employees. Drug-free workplaces are better for safety, productivity and overall employee happiness.

We’ll Come to You!

Not only did we extend our business hours to help employees avoid missing valuable work hours for a drug screen, but we also have an onsite component to our drug and alcohol testing services.

That’s right, we’ll come to YOU! We have a team of onsite collectors that will come to your business, provide quality and accurate service and then provide you with results.

If you would like to schedule an onsite collection or would like to know more about this process, please call us at 330-270-3660 for more information.