Is there a need for TPA services at my company? YES!

On Demand TPA can save your business time and money.

Established over a decade ago, our business is rooted in drug testing, and we have spent time perfecting the drug testing process for employers across the state. 

From customized panels to regulated business requirements, On Demand services a wide array of businesses in maintaining a safe, drug-free workplace every day. Reduce the risk of work-related injuries, and protect your staff and organization with a customized drug testing program with On Demand.

How Does Drug Testing Employees Protect Your Company

From hiring to routine maintenance, drug testing programs and TPA services play an essential part in workplace safety and productivity  in your company. Decreasing the risk of on-the-job accidents, drug testing is a proven preventative practice in ensuring cross-company safety.

If your place of work is regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation, you are federally mandated to maintain a drug-free workplace— and that is where On Demand TPA comes in. Our in-house policy experts can consult with you individually about what type of programs are required for your industry and work with you to improve the overall health and safety of your employees. Working with On Demand TPA will save you up to 50%.

Make it Easy With Our State-of-the-Art Web-Based Portal

At On Demand, it is easy to not only implement, but maintain drug-free workplace policies. Our staff and online employer portal keep you informed and help you stay up-to-date on what is going on within your workplace such as policy updates, changes in drug testing requirements and other services that could benefit your company. 

What makes our employer portal special?
  • Schedule office visits at nearby locations
  • Instant access to drug test results
  • Keep track of employee appointments and check-ins

Proven by Science

All regulated-industry and non-negative samples are sent to federally certified laboratories by our staff. If needed, our on-site Medical Review Office (MRO) will follow-up with an individual, and confirmation testing is performed.

Reasons to Test

On Demand’s pre-employment drug screening, fingerprinting, and background checks are proactive ways to identify issues with potential candidates before you hire them.

Random Drug Testing is an effective deterrent to regular drug and alcohol users in the workplace. On Demand manages your random testing program from the random selection process to testing your employee on-site– anytime, anywhere.

On Demand offers reasonable suspicion training so supervisors can recognize the signs, symptoms and patterns of behavior in drug and alcohol abuse.

Forty percent of workplace related fatalities are the result of substance abuse. When an accident happens, On Demand can help your organization determine whether drug and alcohol were a factor.

** Each test that is performed at On Demand passes through an MRO or Medical Review Officer (if needed) The MRO is a licensed physician that is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program. Having an MRO involved in testing decreases overall result turnaround time, protects the rights of the employer and applicant, stays within compliance required by many industries, and protects the integrity of the test result.

** On Demand uses a variety of testing methods to meet industry compliance or specific employer needs, these include urine, breath-alcohol, hair and oral fluids testing.

Solutions Built for You

On Demand customizes solutions for your company to ensure your drug testing programs and TPA services specifically match your needs. We don’t waste your time…we save you time!

Don’t Wait! TPA Programs can start saving your company money TODAY

On Demand TPA can save you up to 50% on your national drug testing program.