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On Demand has grown and revolutionized occupational medicine for more than a decade, transitioning our line of services from drug testing to a full-service occupational health center. On Demand offers companies complete solutions to managing, implementing and maintaining safety while maximizing productivity and staying drug-free.

On Demand’s experienced team works directly with companies to implement health and safety on the job. Together we will promote safer workplaces, and create productive, drug-free environments.

Manage Workplace Injuries Before They Happen

On Demand Immediate Care, our in-house urgent care environment specializes in non-life-threatening workplace injuries. When an employee suffers an injury on the job, we ensure that they get the help they need to recover quickly and safely, getting them back to work sooner. Providing minimal business interruption, On Demand Injury Care experts work with both the employee and employer to develop workplace injury plans that streamlines the workers’ compensation process and ensures the injured employee gets the appropriate care with minimal delay.

Workplace Injury Care
Northeast Ohio’s #1 Choice for Drug Testing and Workplace Services

On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions provides comprehensive services to employers, individuals, and schools. Our expansive network of occupational health clinics, collection sites and laboratories allows us to provide services nationwide for organizations determined to create a productive, drug-free environment.

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