On Demand Occupational Medicine

How it Started

It wasn’t long ago when our work force consisted of just six people, two of which were the founders of our company, Tom and Stefanie Ivany. They started with a simple idea to provide a high level of service and increase safety in our local community, and thus began On Demand Drug Testing. Eventually our client base began to grow to encompass one hundred companies in our area. The business model the Ivany’s had included personal care to each of our clients, ensuring communication and attention to their individual needs. It didn’t take long for our employer services to grow and encompass a medical component.

Meet the On Demand Team

Ruth Bowdish, Occupational Medicine expert
Ruth Bowdish, Managing Director
Kim DiPillo, Director of Operations
Dr. Trinetta Masternick, DO – MRO
Sara Pease, CNP, FNP-BC
Dr. Michael Turkali, DC
Alicia Warrick, FNP
Anthony Cesario, NP
Kristina Langley, APRN-CNP
Stephanie Timms, Admin MA
Mariah Wilson, Account Exec.
Greg Wess, Account Exec.
Brian Kostoff, MA
Brianna Shutrump, Office Manager
Billie Banfield, Billing Specialist
Melissa Ierace, TPA Acct. Manager
Amber Beckwith, Drug/Alcohol Tech
Ann Beals, MA
Patty Miconi, MA
Ashley Wilson, MA

Our Purpose

To create safer and healthier environments for all while maintaining innovation, integrity and dependability.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to foster a superior customer experience and build a stronger, safer and healthier foundation both at home and in the workplace. Each of our company siloes hold a unique set of services to both the individual and the employer.