Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Employee assistance programs (EAP) are mostly used to benefit employees with substance use disorders (SUD) but can also be used for general health and wellness in the workplace.

While employees’ personal life can be unknown, employers must still take the steps to provide support or treatment options to their workers as they spend at least 20 hours at work a week. EAPs are work-based intervention programs designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Employers can choose to require an employee to opt-in to an EAP or can leave it as an option moving forward. Implementing an EAP can be as simple as providing 24/7 nurse advice lines or assisting financially in legal assistance. Employees enrolled in an EAP can be assessed, treated and followed-up with for any type of aftercare that may be needed, allowing employees to continue working and allowing employers to decrease employee turnover.

Entrust In Our Team

Our professionally trained team can come into your workplace and asses employee situations for you. We will evaluate the level of intervention needed and provide the relevant resources and care needed to improve employee wellness and security.

Not only can EAPs help save your company time and money, but also decrease employee turnover. Be sure to give our team a call at 330-270-3660.

Employees with a SUD