Start the New Year Healthy

Are Annual Wellness Exams a routine part of your personal healthcare plan? If not, 2023 is the perfect time to start participating in them. Unlike physicals, that focus on a snapshot of your health at any given time, annual wellness exams are designed to provide a broader outlook of your overall health.

What does an Annual Wellness Exam include?

Annual wellness exams typically include a review of medical and family medical history, a physical examination, blood tests and discussion. All these elements contribute to the overall picture of your health and help your provider determine next possible steps for you to reach your health goals.

So, why get one?

It’s a great start in being more proactive about your health. An important tactic in prevention of health issues, annual wellness exams allow you and your provider to speak openly about any concerns related to your health, your personal health goals, and more. While showing up for this routine exam won’t solve your health concerns, it does provide meaningful information and assistance in planning for and establishing long term routines that ultimately improve your quality of life. Don’t wait until you’re feeling sick – take the time to take care of yourself today!

If you’re interested in learning more about Annual Wellness Exams or would like to schedule a time to receive one, give us a call. On Demand Healthcare’s medical providers are looking forward to helping you and your family achieve your health goals.

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