Each year, the National Association for Health and Fitness hosts “Global Employee Health & Fitness Month” (GEHFM) Internationally and nationally recognized, GEHFM promotes benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and their employees through workforce health promotion activities and environments.

Because of On Demand’s continued commitment to employer/ employee health and safety, this month and always, we are sharing our favorite tips and tricks for improving and maintaining our personal health while working at On Demand.

In Free Time/ At Home:

  • Walking in the evening – Justin
  • Meditation/ Listening to meditative music – Alicia
  • Fishing – Scott
  • Working Out – Alyssa

While in the office:

  • Standing Desks – Julie
  • Taking walks on breaks – Sydney

On Demand has plenty of programs/ ways you can offer to your employees to encourage healthy lifestyles. We’re happy to help you build comprehensive health and safety programs that wrap around your staff, cutting down on accidents, illnesses and more.

Some examples of this include:

  • Our Immediate Care in Austintown, OH offers Annual Well Visits (even available with no appointment)
  • We offer training, both in-person and virtually, that provides helpful information surrounding the creation and maintenance of healthy workplaces.
  • We provide physicals of every type, for almost any industry as well as student athlete physicals.
  • We help employers build employee wellness programs.
  • Telehealth On Demand brings a confidential health kiosk to YOU! Cutting down on employee time spent visiting medical appointments while at work.

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) also has great resources for employers focused on employee health and wellness. The Better You, Better Ohio program is designed to provide health and wellness resources and services to workers who work for small employers (250 or fewer workers) in high-risk industries. Learn more about this program at www.bwc.ohio.gov/employer/services/SandH/BtrYouBtrOhioOverview.asp

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